Clouds Electronics is a start-up distribution company established in the year 2021. The main focus of CE is to support its customers with best price and on time delivery of the components.

Clouds Electronics has Authorized Distribution lines as well as Trading Division to support all types of components, where there is no space for “Cannot support”. Also CE gives support in-terms of Product Development in various fields like Automobile, Defense Aviation and major Leading Wiring Related Components Trading and Electronics Sourcing etc .  And again a special support on Wire Harnessing is also an added advantage in Clouds Electronics. CE works on Ex-Works Chennai terms when it comes to shipment which give hassle free delivery support to all its customers all over India.

Clouds Electronics offers good and reliable components from its suppliers, where components ranging from various types of Connectors, Terminal Relay Fuses Wire Seal, Sleeves and Cable Tie and other Fasteners, Lugs Battery Terminal , Plastic Parts Grommets Gland Wires etc , Electronics Diode, Resistor Electrolytic Capacitors, Power Inductors, Inductors, Chip Fuses, LED Drivers, Transformers, Crystals and Oscillators.

By moving forward Clouds Electronics helps its customers to be more competitive in the present market place and as well as in the future. With Strong Sourcing & Supportability with low Lead time and Minimum MOQ for all Proto Sample and regular supplies.


Our CE Aims to connect Automobile & Electronics products to everyone by simple way with cost effective & High Quality


To Connect the World with CE & make our customers into profitable & Successful in all the way through Easy Sourcing